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Fire Safety Tips

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Be Fire Safe Outside:

  • Regularly perform a general outdoor cleanup around your home.
  • Remove and dispose of logs, needles, twigs and shrubs that encourage fire to spread on the ground and up to your house.
  • Keep firewood piles at least 10 metres from your home.
  • Never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Put your campfire out with water before going to sleep or leaving your campground.

Smoke Alarms:

  • The quickest way to react to fire is by using smoke alarms.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are in working order.
  • Install one on each level of your house and one in each bedroom.
  • Test them every month and vacuum regularly to keep them free from dust.
  • If they are battery operated, store extra batteries and change at least once a year.
  • On your calendar circle the month you change your battery and cross off each month as you test your alarms.
  • This will make sure everyone gets out fast and safe.

If Fire Breaks Out:

  • Shout "Fire" - alert everyone - don't panic
  • Get everyone out fast - close doors and don't take time to dress.
  • Stay close to children and the elderly - they may get excited or confused.
  • Make sure no one re-enters the building.
  • Call the Fire Department from a neighbour's telephone.

In Apartment Buildings:

  • Use stairways only - don't use elevators as you may get trapped.
  • If fire or smoke prevent your escape: keep doors closed
  • if necessary place wet towels or blankets around openings
  • get out on balcony or beside open window
  • signal for help
  • call the Fire Department if you can
  • give full address, your floor number and apartment number.

Clothing Fires:

  • Smother the fire - don't run as it spread the flames.
  • Make the person lie down and roll him in blanket or coat.
  • Gently beat fire out.

Cooking Fires:

  • Turn off heat - never leave pan unattended.
  • Smother fire with tight-fitting lit - or use fire extinguisher.
  • Do not use water on grease fires.
  • Watch your clothes.
  • Never carry a burning pan.

Fire Safety Links:

A wealth of information, including how to prevent burn injuries, safety advisory bulletins and Public Safety Announcements can be found at the Office of the Fire Commissioner's web site.

  Help protect our Community from wild fire, be FireSmart!