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Water Restored – Arrow Lakes Drive and Lakeview Street Area

As of 6:00 pm on Monday October 24, water has been restored to residents in the Arrow Lakes Drive and Lakeview Street area.

For safety reasons, a Boil Water Notice is now in effect for impacted properties to ensure water quality. The Boil Water Notice advises property owners to boil water for a minimum of 1 minute before drinking or preparing food. The Boil Water Notice will remain in effect until testing confirms that the water supply is safe for human consumption without boiling.

While the Boil Water Notice is in effect, Interior Health recommends:

Use Instructions
Drinking and brushing teeth Use boiled tap water
Washing hands Use tap water and soap and wash thoroughly for 20 seconds.
Infant formula, ice cubes, food, and drinks Use boiled tap water
Washing fruits and vegetables Use boiled tap water
Laundry and dishwashing May be washed in tap water, either by hand or machine
Showers or baths Use tap water but avoid swallowing water. Infants, toddlers, and immunocompromised individuals should be sponge bathed to avoid them swallowing water.
Pet water Use boiled tap water

Another notice will be issued once the City confirms that the Boil Water Notice can be rescinded.

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