Corporate Services

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department ensures the effective and efficient overall management of the administrative operations of the City and provides quality customer service to both internal and external customers.

The Department consists of the following members:

Chris Barlow, Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer is appointed by Council, and is the key advisor to City Council on all policy issues. 

Chris is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that Council's policies and directives are implemented
  • Managing the day-to-day administrative operations of the City and establishing standards and priorities for the organization.
  • Directing and reviewing all department heads and ensures that their departments budgets and policy initiatives are coordinated with Council priorities.
  • Ensuring that Council decisions are communicated to the public and acting as spokesperson for the City.
  • Reviewing all complaints and appeals.
  • Chris can be contacted at  / Phone: 250-365-8951

Tracey Butler, Director of Corporate Services

The Director of Corporate Services is appointed by Council and handles all corporate administrative functions of the City.

Tracey's responsibilities include: 

  • Ensuring that corporate records such as minutes, bylaws and other records of business are maintained and kept secured
  • Coordinating the agenda, receiving requests from the public to appear as delegations at Council Meetings
  • Administering all Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Requests 
  • Handling all personnel functions of the City, including the administration of the Collective Agreement and coordination of employment opportunities
  • Acts as Chief Election Officer for local elections
  • Contact Tracey at / Phone: 250-365-8973

Nicole Brown, Manager of Corporate Services

The Manager of Corporate Services works closely with the Mayor, the Chief Administrative Officer and the Director of Corporate Services.

Nicole's responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the Mayor with various responsibilities and daily schedule
  • Coordinating the Council meeting schedules
  • Arranging meetings with individual Council Members
  • Managing, administering and reviewing grants to Community Organizations
  • Contact Nicole at / Phone: 250-365-8953

For a summary of corporate services achievements and corporate objectives, refer to The City of Castlegar’s 2016 Annual Report. 

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