File Complaints and Appeals

File Complaints and Appeals

The City of Castlegar seeks to maximize outstanding customer service to both the public and our customers.

As such, the Administrative Fairness Policy has been established, a mechanism established to provide for quality assurance and appropriate and timely review of decisions and recommendations.

To file a complaint against a city staff member, a representative of city council, board/committee member, or city contractor, you may call, send an email or mail a written letter to:   

Tracey Butler, Director of Corporate Services
460 Columbia Avenue
Castlegar, B.C. V1N 1G7
Phone: 250-365-8973

Your complaint will be reviewed and you will be contacted. For more detailed information please review The Administrative Fairness Policy

Administrative Fairness Policy
1-3.-Administrative-Fairness-Jan1999.pdf [44 KB]
Last Changed: Mar 15, 2018 03:50am
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