The City of Castlegar has a number of permits that are required in various circumstances.

All documents are downloadable below. In addition, all permit applications and documentation may be accessed via:

  • Pick up at City Hall, 460 Columbia Avenue, during regular office hours ( 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m)
  • Mail or fax. Please contact City Hall at 250-365-7227 to request.


The City of Castlegar Building Bylaw 1338 requires that a building permit must be obtained prior to any construction, reconstruction, installation, repair, alteration, or demolition being carried out on any building or structure and includes, but is not limited to:

  • constructing a new building or an addition to an existing building;
  • construction of a new accessory building or structure over 9.5 sq.m. in area;
  • repair, renovation or demolition of existing buildings
  • placement of a mobile home on a mobile home pad and additions to a mobile home;
  • complete a previously unfinished area in an existing building;
  • installation of swimming pools, chimneys or fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances;
  • alterations to a plumbing system;
  • sundecks;
  • moving a building (either into the City or out of the City):
  • prior to a change in the occupancy of a building or part of the building.

When don’t I need a building permit?

  • window or door repair and exchange (if the replacement window or door is of the same size as the existing window or door);
  • installation of new cupboards, linoleum, carpet or paint
  • fencing (fence height must comply with Zoning Bylaw 800)
  • sidewalks and driveways 
  • exterior finishing
  • retaining walls under 1 metre in height;
  • roofing, gutters, drains
  • storage and garden sheds for residential use that do not exceed 10m². (however these buildings must comply with all other applicable bylaws).

Building Permit Application
Building Permit Fee Schedule   

Current Building Permit turnaround time is 3-4 Weeks. 


Most multiple residential, commercial/industrial buildings, new construction, alteration or expansion projects, require a Development Permit before a building permit is issued. No development permit is required, however, for interior alteration, minor exterior alteration or expansion of a building, when the total area of the altered or expanded exterior wall is less than 20% of the entire exterior wall. Application can be found here. 


Development Variance Permits may be used to vary the provisions of the zoning or subdivision development bylaws, a Land Use Contract or other bylaws as specified in the Local Government Act. Application can be found here. 


A Temporary Use Permit allows a use of land, on a temporary basis, not otherwise permitted in the City’s Zoning Bylaw. Any person being the owner of the land, or having written permission of the owner may apply for a Temporary Use Permit.  Application can be found here.


The Work On City Property permit is issued in conjunction with the City of Castlegar Subdivision and Development Bylaw 1018 and any other applicable bylaw(s) for all works on City owned infrastructure or within City owned Right-of-Ways.  

This permit is required for work done on City property including roads, sidewalks, lanes and boulevards and pertains to work including excavations, overhead utilities, road crossings (including flagging), overheight/overweight vehicles using City roads, etc.  This permit is also required for occupation of City property for work being done on adjacent private property.

Please allow a minimum of six (6) days for application processing.

Information on fees, additional documentation and approval process is attached to the application.


In the City of Castlegar, campfires on private property DO NOT require a burn permit, provided they meet certain requirements:

  • They are no larger than 1m wide x 1m long x 1m high, and are contained within a circular ring of rock, brick, stainless steel etc.  
  • Clean dry campfire wood is used only. No demolition, construction, garbage, yard, garden, grass, leaves or any prohibited material can be burned. These are subject to penalties under municipal and provincial authorities.
  • Campfire pits should be located on private property and a safe distance from structures, fences, overhangs including trees. Campfires must be a minimum of 3 metres away from City easements or utility right of ways.
  • Campfires must be supervised by adults at all times and never left unattended. When done, campfires must be fully extinguished and not left to burn out.
  • A means of quickly extinguishing the campfire, such as a garden hose, must be present.
  • Be considerate of neighbours with respect to smoke emitted from campfires.

Other than campfires, open air burning of residential yard, garbage, garden waste or any other materials is strictly prohibited. However, in certain circumstances, you may apply for a burn permit.

  • Private property owners – in order to fire smart or mitigate risk, owners with difficult to access properties or other special circumstances may contact the Fire Department for an inspection of the area and materials to be burned. If deemed allowable by the Fire Department, residents may apply for a permit at a cost of $100 per burn.  
  • Commerical/Light Industrial Permit – commercial or business owners/managers may apply for a permit at a cost of $250 per annual burn

For more information and to obtain permits, view Open Air Burning Bylaw No. 905 or contact the Fire Department directly at or 250-365-3266.


Section 37 of the City of Castlegar Water Regulations and Rates Bylaw 703 allows for a watering exemption from the current watering restriction imposed and can be granted for the following:

For 2020, applicants can either drop off the completed form with the $10 fee at City Hall in the outside drop box or mail to City Hall at 460 Columbia Avenue, Castlegar, BC, V1N 1G7.  Applications will be reviewed, and approved permits will be emailed or mailed to the applicant along with a receipt for the payment.  Please be sure to include your contact information with your permit.

For more information please contact City Hall 250.365.7227

Exemption Permit Water Use


As per the Complex Snow Dump Regulations and Rates Bylaw 1077, contractors must make application for a permit to use the Complex Snow Dump for the purposes of depositing snow.

When plowing snow for private businesses, snow must be contained on the site or hauled away. Snow deposited on City property or streets will be hauled away by City of Castlegar crews and the resultant costs and fines shall be forwarded to the contractor and property owner.

If you are a contractor and have heavy equipment to rent, please fill out the Equipment Registry below and email to

For further information on Snow Permits, please contact City Hall at (250) 365-7227.


A special event is defined as an event that requires additional authorization by City staff due to its potential impact on City facilities. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Outdoor weddings
  • Parades
  • Community or fundraising events
  • Marathon or other sporting events
  • Community Picnics

The Park Use Permit Application form may be found HERE.

The Parade Application form may be found HERE.


For further information and to apply for a Special Events or Park Permit, please contact the Corporate Services Department at or call 250-365-8953.


BizPal is an online service that provides entrepreneurs with simplified access to information about business permits, licences and other requirements needed to start, operate and grow your business from the federal, provincial/territorial and participating municipal governments.

Click below to be directed to the BizPal website:

Screen Shot 2018 03 15 at 12.18.58 PM


For additional information on Development Application procedures, contact Development Services at:

Phone: 250-365-7227

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