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City Budgeting

Every year City of Castlegar Council and Staff work together to develop an Annual Budget and Five Year Financial Plan.

2024–2028 Financial Plan

Draft 2024–2028 Financial Plan

Setting Castlegar’s Collective Goals

Municipal services impact your everyday life. Each time you have your garbage and recycling picked up, drink clean water from the tap, borrow a book from the library, or have emergency services rush to your aid – you are using a City of Castlegar service.

That’s why the City’s budget is so important – it is about setting our collective goals and building a great place to live, work and play. The budget determines the level of service provided to Castlegar residents and guides decisions on what City infrastructure will be purchased, built and repaired.

The budget serves as an outline for how money that comes into the City should be spent to maintain and improve the City. The City is limited in the number of resources available and the budget helps determine which objectives have the highest priority and will have the greatest positive impact on the community.

General Fund, Utility, & Airport Budgets

The budget is divided into several sections and come together to build the City’s overall Financial Plan.

The General Fund budgets, which is organized by department, focuses on the ongoing operation of primary City services such as fire, policing, parks, roads, garbage and recycling and other infrastructure maintenance.

The Utility budgets comprise of water, sewer, and storm services. The primary funding source for the Utility budgets are user fees and levies which are billed quarterly.

The Airport budget provides detailed costs required to run and operate the West Kootenay Regional Airport (WKRA).

Your Investment at Work

Breakdown of 2024 Property Taxes

Budget Approval Process

Under the leadership and direction of Council and the City of Castlegar’s Strategic Plan, staff develop a 5 year operating and capital budget that is presented to Council in winter. Council and staff work together to establish priorities and funding opportunities, with the consideration of public input.

  • Phase 1: Listen and Learn
  • Phase 2: Emerging Directions
  • Phase 3: Policy and Land Use Ideas
  • Phase 4: Revising and Final Plan

The draft budget is made available for public review for a 2 week period.

Have Your Say!

Provide feedback on the City’s budget by emailing


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