Transportation and Civic Works

Transportation and Civic Works

The Transportation and Civic Works Department (TCWD) develops and maintains the City’s infrastructure and municipal facilities. Operational areas include roads, sewers, waterlines and parks.

Through the technical expertise and skill of twenty nine individuals, the TCWD implements the City’s public works policies, directions and bylaws.


  • build/oversee the building of infrastructure (municipal buildings, roads, sewers, waterlines and parks) within the City
  • maintain all of City facilities in a manner which will keep them both safe and efficient

For a detailed list of future department objectives, civic operations and special initiatives, refer to The City of Castlegar’s Annual Report.


Transportation and Civic Works

Phone: 250-365-5979
After hours emergency contact: 250-365-3341

2020 Annual Water Quality Report
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2019 Annual Water Quality Report
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Last Changed: Feb 23, 2021 02:14pm
2018 Annual Water Quality Report
2020-07-16-City-of-Castlegar-2018-Annual-Water-Quality-Report-FINAL.pdf [3.7 MB]
Last Changed: Feb 23, 2021 02:18pm
2017 Water Quality Report
2017-Water-Quality-Report.pdf [5.1 MB]
Last Changed: Nov 22, 2018 10:35am
2016 Annual Water Quality Report
annual-report-2016.pdf [2.5 MB]
Last Changed: Mar 15, 2018 08:32am
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