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The City of Castlegar logo is protected under the copyright laws of Canada. Use of the logo is restricted to the City’s corporate activities.

Unless otherwise specified, no individual or organization has the permission to copy, redistribute, reproduce, republish or modify the logo in any form without the written permission from the City of Castlegar.


Minimum Size

Our logo should never be reproduced where it will not be clearly legible. The minimum height is 0.10 inches for print and 15 pixels (at 72 dpi) for screen.


Exclusion Area

Our logo should always be surrounded by an adequate amount of white space to prevent other graphic elements or type from competing or clashing with it. No type or graphic element should encroach within this area. The exclusion area is established as a proportion of the logo using the height of the letterforms in the logotype as shown below.


Improper Use

  • Our logo should never appear modified or pixelated in any way. High-resolution files must be used at all times.
  • If our logo is put directly on a photo or image, it must be placed so that the area behind the mark has enough contrast to clearly define the logo. Less noisy areas of the image that are free from faces and contrasting objects work best.
  • NEVER stretch or squish the logo. Use only with original proportions. Quick tip: always resize from the corner, never the side.
  • NEVER add elements to the logo or place an object too close the logo. When putting the logo on a coloured background, don’t place a white box behind the logo. Use the reversed version.

Logo Request

To receive logo files, contact us with your intended use of the logo. Logo files will be supplied following form submission.

Contact Details

Please indicate how you will be using the City of Castlegar logo.
Acknowledgement - Logo Usage Guidelines(Required)
By downloading City of Castlegar logo elements I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the logo usage guidelines.

Copyright © 2024 City of Castlegar, all rights reserved.