Adopt-a-Road Program

Adopt-a-Road Program

The Adopt-A-Road program is a public service program designed to encourage businesses, community groups, schools, clubs and other segments of the community by collecting refuse and debris along road rights-of-way and boulevards.

The program is a way for environmentally-conscious citizens to make a personal contribution for a cleaner environment.

The map (below) shows all streets that are available. All non-highlighted streets are available. The map may change so it is a good idea to contact the City at 250-365-5979 or to ensure the street you are interested in is still available.

For more information, please click on the attached program brochure, application and ad.

2017 Map of Streets Available (unhighlighted streets only)
MAP-Available-Streets-2017.pdf [11 MB]
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Adopt a Road Program
Adopt-A-Road-3x7.pdf [567 KB]
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Application Form
4-AR-application.pdf [23 KB]
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Program Brochure
1-AR-main-document.pdf [218 KB]
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