Media Release - Fire Smart Project

Media Release - Fire Smart Project

Columbia Basin Trust recently announced that the City of Castlegar was successful in their application for the 2018 Wild Fire Grants. In its application, the City of Castlegar reported that a partnership with the Selkirk College Forestry Program was established. 

Beginning on April 23rd, students in the Selkirk Forestry Program will commence their forestry field school. The schedule is as follows: 

  •  April 24th Students will provide FREE FireSmart assessments to private property owners in the 2500 to 2800 block of 10th Avenue South; 
  •  April 25th, students, instructors and staff will conduct Fuel Management Plots, Risk Assessments and Prescriptions on the Forested land between Park Avenue and 26th Street in the Kinnaird Ball Fields; 
  •  April 26th, 27th and possibly the 28th, students, instructors and staff will be treating the property to mitigate the risk of wild fire. They will be FireSmarting the land. 

During the treatment portion of the project, members of the public are urged to observe the activity at a distance, however, in the interest of public safety, the public is asked not enter the area of the project operation. The area will be clearly marked with signs. Future projects will be considered subject to funding and grant availability. 

Once the project is complete, members of the public are welcome to use the area and view the results. 

Thank you for your co-operation in advance. Contact the Castlegar Fire Department at 250-365-3266 and find us on Facebook


Media Release-Fire Smart Project Kinnaird Park
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