Rats Reported in the City of Castlegar

The City of Castlegar has received its first reports of rats in the community.

Rats are not native to B.C. but have recently been taking over urban areas and spreading throughout B.C.’s southern interior. They tend to thrive in areas where food is abundant and winters are mild.

“The City is taking this very seriously because we know rats cause significant damage to buildings and structures, including electrical wires,” says Chris Barlow, Chief Administrative Officer. “We’re committed to doing everything we can to get ahead of the spread to minimize the impacts to our community.”

Rats can spread bacteria that cause disease in humans such as pneumonia, salmonella and a variety of lesser known illnesses. The rat can also be a nuisance as they dig into gardens to get fruit, vegetables and even flower bulbs.

With a gestation period of three weeks, and reaching sexually maturity in five weeks, a pair of rats can reproduce exponentially, creating up to a thousand or more descendants in a year. 

Managing attractants is the best way to avoid exponential growth.

The City and WildSafeBC have partnered to share information on what action you can take. For more information, visit wildsafebc.com.  

“Rats are a community problem, and neighbors need to work together to keep neighborhoods rat-free,” says Dave White, WildSafeBC Coordinator.

If you see or catch a rat, please take a photograph and send it along with any information you can provide to WildSafeBC at castlegar@wildsafebc.com or 250-505-6007. The information will be used to create a database and determine where education and action are required.

The City of Castlegar is a service centre in the West Kootenay. The diversified and growing economy is focused on the forestry, energy and mining sectors in the valley, and commercial services in the City. Quality of life features backcountry adventure and an increasingly dynamic urban culture, including the Millennium Park & Ponds and Sculpture Walk.

For more information, please contact:

Bree Seabrook - Communications                                             


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