Request for Comments on Residential Inclining Block Electricity Rates

The BC Minister of Energy and Mines has asked the British Columbia Utilities Commission (Commission) to report to the Government of BC on the impact of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) and FortisBC Inc. (FortisBC) residential inclining block electricity rates (often referred to as the Residential Conservation Rate or RCR) on customers in regions without access to natural gas.

If you are a residential electricity customer of BC Hydro or FortisBC without access to natural gas, the 
Commission is seeking your comments on: 

  • the impacts you have experienced or identified from the residential inclining block electricity rates; and 
  • your awareness of ways to mitigate any impacts.

Please provide your comments using the Commission's Letter of Comment Form found online at All comments must be received in writing. Please send your written comments by email or mail to the Commission Secretary on or before Monday, August 15, 2016 at: 
Mail: Ms. Laurel Ross 
Acting Commission Secretary 
BC Utilities Commission 
Sixth Floor, 900 Howe Street 
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N3

By providing a letter of comment in this process, you agree to your comments being placed on the public record and posted on the Commission's website. All letters of comment are placed on the public record,posted on the Commission's website and provided to the Panel and all participants in the proceeding. 
All of the documents related to this matter are available on the Commission's website at:

For more information please contact the Commission using the contact information above or by phone at 1-800-663-1385.

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