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Cross-Connection Control Survey

Commercial property inspections are an important pillar of Castlegar’s Cross-Connection Control program that helps to ensure the safety of the City’s drinking water.

Starting in the summer of 2023, the City will be hiring a consultant to inspect commercial properties to make sure the City’s drinking water is protected from contamination caused by backflows. High hazard properties, like medical buildings, manufacturing, and mechanics, will be inspected first, with medium and low hazard properties to be inspected in 2024 and beyond.

High-hazard properties will be contacted by mail starting in June 2023. Please follow the directions in the letter and reach out to the City using the form below to book a time for your survey.

Why does the City need to survey my business?

In 2004, the City adopted a Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP). A Cross-Connection Control program has three major pillars:

  • Inspecting properties for cross-connections that may allow the City’s drinking water to be contaminated
  • Working with businesses to make sure that cross-connections are eliminated or protected with backflow prevention assemblies
  • Making sure that backflow prevention assemblies are in good working order

The last round of surveys was completed at the initiation of the program. This project is refreshing the information on commercial properties to ensure the City is protected from any changes to the building or business since it was last surveyed.

What happens during a survey?

During the survey, a surveyor who is certified to identify cross-connections will inspect the plumbing in your business. They will need to see any equipment, fixtures, or taps inside or outside the building. Your water service will not be impacted, and depending on the size and complexity of your property it will take anywhere from 20-40 minutes or more. The assessment is a free service provided by the City.

Correcting Cross-Connections

After the survey is over, the surveyor will assemble the notes into a Facility Assessment Report. The City will send the report to the owner of the property. This report will summarize the cross-connections on the property and how they need to be modified to protect the City’s drinking water. The changes will be in two categories:

  • Mandatory changes to protect the City’s drinking water system
  • Recommended changes to protect people from contamination within the property (ex. to protect people in a lunch room from contamination from a laboratory on site)

The owner will be asked to contact the City to discuss a reasonable timeline for correction of the mandatory cross-connection(s), which will be at the property owner’s cost.


  • Backflow – the reverse flow of water from a private property back into the City’s water system.
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly – a device that is installed on a water pipe to stop water from moving backwards through the pipe. There are many different types of backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Cross-connection – any connection between a drinking water system and any source of pollution or contamination. Bypasses, jumper connections, components that swivel, are all possible cross-connections.

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