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Community Plan 2033 FAQs

Everything you need to know to get involved with the Castlegar Plan.

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The community has changed significantly, and faces new challenges, since the City’s major planning documents were last updated. To guide the future of Castlegar, these documents require updating. The Official Community Plan was created in 2011 with minimal updates since then. The Zoning Bylaw was originally created in 1999 with numerous amendments, but no major review since it was created.

Public engagement is a key component in creating a successful Community Plan which reflects the diverse needs of a community. To reach as many different community members as possible, the project team will use a variety of online and in-person engagement activities, with an emphasis on reaching people in ways that (and in places where) they are already engaging. This could be quick online engagement tools, interactive booths at a community event, or a luncheon with an active community group. We want to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that the citizens of Castlegar see for their community so that what we hear from citizens forms the foundation for the Community Plan.

We will share regular What We Heard Report to summarize information gathered during engagement activities and how it has been reflected in the planning documents. This is an opportunity for citizens to express whether the project team heard the community correctly and directly relate their feedback to the policy created or other key planning areas. These reports will be available on the City’s website and shared in project updates.

A Community Plan (OCP or ‘Official Community Plan’) is a policy tool to guide land use and community planning. A Community Plan provides certainty to residents and landowners regarding the location and nature of future growth and redevelopment. It guides municipal councils in decisions about land use bylaws, servicing, and capital expenditures to accommodate change. Community desires are expressed in the Plan by means of broad objectives and policy statements.

To learn more about Community Plans in BC see Official community plans for local governments on the Government of BC website.

A Zoning Bylaw is a set of rules that regulates building, development, and land use within the city. The Zoning Bylaw divides the city into zones. Each zone allows different types of developments and land uses.

To learn more about Zoning Bylaws in BC see Zoning bylaws on the Government of BC website.

Downtown revitalization is a priority in Castlegar. In the early 1990s, a significant revitalization project was undertaken that focused on infrastructure, including the redesign of streets, installation of underground wiring, new sidewalks, street furniture, unique lamp standards, landscaping, and street trees. In 2021, a Downtown Area Plan was developed to guide future development which identified several unique areas and objectives for each area. As a complement to this plan, new Design Guidelines are needed to guide development and will be incorporated into the concurrently developed Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw where applicable.

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