Animal Control

Animal Control


If you have a domestic animal-related complaint, please contact the BC SPCA (West Kootenay) at:

Phone: 250-509-0297

If you need to report wildlife-human interactions where public safety may be at risk, contact RAPP (Report All Poachers and Polluters) at 1-877-952-7277


Beginning January 2022, every cat living within the city limits over the age of 3 months must be licensed by the City of Castlegar. Registering your cat provides us with the information we need if your lost cat is found. There is currently no fee to license your cat. 


Every dog living within the city limits over the age of 12 months must be licensed by the City of Castlegar. If a lost dog has been licensed, it is easier to assist in finding the dog's rightful owner.

Annual Fee Schedule:
  • Spayed or Neutered Dog - $25.00
  • Not Spayed or Neutered Dog - $75.00
  • Aggressive Dog - $100.00
  • Vicious Dog - $200.00
  • Dangerous Dog - $500.00
  • Kennel Licence - $55.00
  • Guide Dogs, RCMP or Service Dogs are exempt from paying a licence fee.
  • Transfer for Owner Holding a Valid & Current Licence from Another BC Local Government - $10.00
  • Replacement of a Lost Dog Licence Tag - $5.00
  • One Time Licence Fee for Hen Owners - $10.00
  • One Time Licence Fee for Beekeepers - $10.00

2021 Dog License Brochure
Castlegar-DogLicense-Brochure-FINAL.pdf [912 KB]
Last Changed: Apr 07, 2021 01:48pm
1342-Animal-Control-and-Licencing-Bylaw.pdf [2.5 MB]
Last Changed: Mar 04, 2021 10:56am
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