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Animal Control

The City of Castlegar contracts out animal control to the BC SPCA’s regional branch, the BC SPCA West Kootenay.

Corporate Services

Domestic animal

Domestic animal (dogs, cats) complaints or concerns should be directed to:

BC SPCA West Kootenay


Pest (rats, raccoons, skunks) complaints or issues should be dealt with by private pest control companies such as Selkirk Pest Control or Orkin Canada.

Rodent Control

Prevention is the most effective way to control rats and mice. Rats and mice need food, water and shelter to live. They can also squeeze through very small holes or cracks. Identifying and eliminating their access to these things is important in managing a rodent problem.

For more information on rodent control, please see the following websites:


Province of BC:


Wildlife animals (bears, elk, coyotes, etc) complaints or conflicts should be directed to:

WildSafeBC Castlegar Coordinator


Conservation Officer Services / Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP)

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