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Sign Up for Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan

Castlegar’s Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan for utilities allows you to pay your quarterly bill automatically from your bank on the due date.

How it Works

On the due date, your quarterly utility bill balance with be automatically debited (withdrawn) from your bank account. You’ll never pay late fees or miss a payment!

Note: It is the Home Owner’s responsibility to review the bill.

Eligibility & How to Apply

Your utility account must be fully paid prior to joining the Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan.

Automatic Withdrawal Details

The City of Castlegar may cancel your automatic withdrawals if two (2) consecutive payments are returned by your financial institution. All outstanding utilities become due and payable and are subject to penalties.

To cancel your preauthorized payment, fifteen (15) days written notice to the City of Castlegar are required before your next scheduled payment.

The customer will notify the City of Castlegar of any changes to the customer’s financial institution account information.

When selling your property, the registered owner or their lawyer must terminate the Plan at least 15 days before the due date by providing written authorization to the City of Castlegar Financial Services Department.

Note: The sale of the property does not automatically stop this program.

For joint accounts, all account holders must sign if more than one signature is required on the cheques against the account.

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