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Curbside Waste Program Transition

Learn what you can expect as we transition to Castlegar’s new curbside waste program over the weeks of August 7, 14, and 21, 2023.

Week of August 7

This is the last garbage pick up using the current system.

Once your green-lidded cart has been emptied this week, begin using this cart for organics. Only items listed in the organics tab of the Waste Guide will be accepted.

Begin using your new grey-lidded cart for garbage. The smaller size accounts for the amount of waste that can now be collected in your organics cart and recycling bins.

Week of August 14

Recycling will be collected using the current schedule.

Continue using your green-lidded organics cart to collect food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard and garden waste.

During the transition, organics cart will not be picked up for 2 weeks. Starting the week of August 21, organics will be collected weekly.

How to reduce smells.

Garbage and organics can attract wildlife, but see our Bear Smart Tips page for ways you can reduce smells.

Bear Smart Tips

Week of August 21

This is the first time you’ll receive weekly organics collection and bi-weekly garbage collection together!

Place your new, grey-lidded garbage cart and your green-lidded organics cart at the curb on your usual pick up day, during the collection window. Check your 2023-2024 Collection Calendar + Waste Guide for more information.

Carts that are not sorted and contain items that don’t belong will not be collected and infraction tags may be issued. Use your 2023-2024 Collection Calendar + Waste Guide to find out what goes where. Or visit the Recycling, Organic Waste and Garbage pages for more information.

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