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Snow & Winter Operations

With more than 90 kilometers of roads and 23 kilometers of sidewalks in Castlegar, there’s a lot to keep clear. That’s why we use a four-tier priority system to clean up.

Help Us Move Faster

There are a number of things that residents can do to help make snow clearing go quicker and easier.

Know the Priority Routes

The priority routes system sets emergency and key transit routes, steep hills and main arterial roads as a priority to keep our City moving. It is important to remember, as long as it is snowing, crews will be focused on keeping high priority routes clear first. This means that these routes may be revisited before lower level priority areas as clear.

Remove Obstacles

Unused vehicles, boats, trailers, basketball nets, etc. should be removed from City streets before November 15.

  • Park vehicles off city roads while snow removal is in progress.
  • DO NOT install metal posts or rocks on boulevards as snow plow markers. These could cause injury and/or equipment damage and you will be held liable.
  • Keep fire hydrants on your property clear of obstructions, including snow, to make them accessible during emergencies.

Collect Your Garbage & Recycle Bins

It may only take a moment for our crews to move your garbage and/or recycle bins, but with thousands of properties, this slows down snow removal. Please pick up your bins as soon as possible after collection.

Know the Bylaws

As a property owner, you have snow responsibilities too. Please do your part to keep everyone safe and moving.

  • DO NOT shovel, plow, or blow snow onto City streets. Violations are subject to bylaw enforcement.
  • Before the City has plowed, snow should be removed to the left side of the driveway, facing the street, to reduce the amount of snow deposited across driveways and windrows.
  • The City will not clear snow from private driveways.
  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks bordering your property.

Make Some Room

Slow down and follow snow removal equipment at a safe distance until there is a safe legal opportunity to pass.

  • Equipment may slow down, turn and back up frequently. Stay back.
  • Children should never play on snowbanks adjacent to roads and should always remain away from snow removal equipment.

Video: Snow Shoveling Secrets

Tired of shoveling your driveway a second time after the snowplow deposits snow across the entrance when it plows your street? Check out the video below for a simple tip to avoid having to shovel it again, courtesy of the Missouri Department of Transportation.


Contractors & Businesses

Snow Storage

Contractors plowing for commercial businesses must contain snow on site or relocate it. Snow deposited on City property or streets will be removed by City crews and the costs will be billed to the contractor or property owner.

Dump Permits

A Snow Dump Permit is required to dump snow at City snow dump locations. A key and a map of your designated snow dump area will be issued after an application and $750 permit fee are submitted.

Applications are available at City Hall, and Civic Works or you may download via

Equipment Registry

The City is updating its Equipment Registry of rental equipment for use in operations. Contractors with available heavy equipment are asked to complete an Equipment Registry Form. See Register Equipment to Work for the City for more information.

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