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Apply for a Water Use Exemption Permit

A Water Use Exemption Permit authorizes an exemption for a property from active water restrictions within the City of Castlegar.

During active water restrictions within City limits, there are some limited purposes that may be eligible to apply for a Water Use Exemption Permit, such as:

  • watering a new residential lawn or landscaping installation or construction
  • as a means of controlling dust, cleaning of a private driveway or parking lot with a metered Commercial or Multi-Residential zone
  • watering within a construction or building project under a Building or Development Permit issued by the City

Approved Water Use Exemption Permits are subject to a $10 fee and hours for sprinkling during active water restrictions must continue to be adhered to.

Applications can be submitted in person at:

City Hall, City of Castlegar
460 Columbia Avenue
Castlegar, BC
V1N 1G7

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