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Tax Sale

If your Castlegar property taxes are in a delinquent balance (a total of 3 years of unpaid taxes), your property may be subjected to Tax Sale, in accordance with the Province of British Columbia Local Government Act.

The annual Tax Sale takes place at 10:00 am on the last Monday in September at the Council Chambers, located at 445 13th Avenue. As part of the tax sale process, an advertisement will be placed in the local newspapers listing the properties to be sold. All properties with delinquent tax balances on the day of Tax Sale will be sold for taxes.

The City of Castlegar makes no comments or claim of knowledge on any of the parcels being sold at the annual tax sale and provides warning to all those who are thinking of bidding that they should exercise caution.

To avoid Tax Sale of your property:

  • pay your property taxes and claim your Home Owner Grant (if eligible) by the due date
  • pay your delinquent taxes by the end of August to avoid your property being listed in the newspaper
  • pay your delinquent taxes, including interest, before the annual tax sale to stop your property going to tax sale

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