Zuckerberg Island Heritage Park

Zuckerberg Island Heritage Park

Considered a historic jewel of the region, Zuckerberg Island Heritage Park will take you on a trip through time.

Over two thousand years ago when the Lakes Salish people first fished and built their winter pit houses here, to 1811 when David Thompson sailed down the Columbia river past the island and to when the last settler, Alexander Zuckerberg, settled here in the 1930s building his perfectly preserved Russian Orthodox Chapel House.

Today, a walk over a suspension bridge, providing excellent views of the confluence of the Columbia and Kootenay Rivers, will lead you to this historic island. Here you can visit the architecture and artistry of Zuckerberg House, cemetery site, the famous “Stump Woman” sculpture and more. There are over 5.5 acres of wooded pathways, picnic tables and benches perfect for a whole family (dog friendly) getaway.

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Directions: Drive towards downtown Castlegar on Highway 22. Turn right at the Forestry Station on the corner of 8th street. Proceed to the 4-way stop on 7th avenue and follow the signs.

Address: 9th street and 7th avenue, Castlegar

Season: Open Wednesday to Sunday, May through June and seven days per week August through September.  Hours are 10am to 5pm.

Cost: Admission by donation, suggested donation $2 per person

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