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Say Your Way to 2033 – Castlegar Kicks Off Community Planning Project

City of Castlegar is kicking off a project which will create a Community Plan to guide how the City will evolve over the next ten years and we want residents to have a say.

The best Community Plans set the vision for the type of community we want to be and how to get there. How do we do this? We will research, work with community planning experts on technical topics, and ask the people who know our community best – those who call Castlegar home.

We will be engaging residents by asking focused questions about where they live, work, gather and play and how they connect, move, and adapt. This will help us understand priorities, define what type of community they want to live in, and how the City can get there.

“Castlegar is growing, changing, and facing new challenges and opportunities that need to be reflected in the City’s long-term planning and policies,” says Maria McFaddin, City of Castlegar Mayor. “This Community Plan project will get people thinking about what they would like Castlegar to look like in 2033 and create the City’s playbook for growth and development over the next decade.”

The 2011 Official Community Plan currently guides the City’s planning and land use management. As part of the Community Plan project, the City is also updating its Zoning Bylaw and Downtown Design Guidelines which are critical to implementing the Community Plan.

Did you know?

The City typically only hears from about 5 per cent of residents when engaging in community planning. We hope to do better than that when developing this Community Plan so we have created a campaign that feels different than other City communications. It is intended to provoke residents to share their opinions to influence and inform the Plan.

Say your way to 2033

There are many ways for residents to help shape the Community Plan – online, in-person and how and when it works best for them.

  1. Complete a Physical Workbook which will be mailed to all City of Castlegar mailboxes and can be filled out and returned to the City.
  2. Complete the Online Workbook if you prefer to do things online.
  3. Join the conversation on the City of Castlegar Facebook page.
  4. Get involved when the City announces more online and in-person engagement opportunities.

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