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Council Highlights – October 10, 2023

Council Highlights provide a summary of City of Castlegar Council meetings.

Destination Castlegar Annual Update

Council received an annual update from Andrea Ryman of Destination Castlegar. Destination Castlegar promotes the area as a recreation hub that is affordable and family-friendly. For more information, please visit

Millennium Dog Park

During the Committee of the Whole Meeting, Council received a delegation representing multiple residents in support of keeping the Millennium dog parks open. Council later debated the Notice of Motion submitted on September 25, requesting Council close the Millenium dog parks while staff prepare a report on the feasibility of relocation. This was brought forward due to complaints from residents. After much debate, Council defeated the Notice of Motion and passed the following motions to help address the neighbourhood concerns. Council:

  • directed staff to explore the costs associated with increasing animal control enforcement, patrols, and education at the Millennium dog parks, and report back to Council at the November 20, Regular Council Meeting; and
  • directed staff to provide a report to Council exploring municipal best practices for dog parks, and various mitigation measures, to address area residents’ concerns.

Fire Engine Borrowing Alternative Approval Process Results

Council received the results of the Custom Pumper Fire Apparatus Fire Equipment Alternative Approval Process. The Alternative Approval Process was conducted to obtain the approval of the electors so the City could borrow up to $1,650,000 for the purchase of a new fire engine to replace the current fire engine that had reached its end of life. 10% or 632 electors would have needed to sign to say they disagree with the borrowing, only one elector response form was received, as such the approval of electors was obtained.

Castlegar Rotary Club Kinnaird Interchange Beautification Project

Council directed staff to explore logistics of the Castlegar Rotary Club Kinnaird Interchange Beautification Project and associated costs, and report back to Council at the October 23, Regular Council Meeting. The Project aligns with the City’s Street Tree Masterplan and aims to beautify the Kinnaird interchange by adding a meadow of native plants to be interwoven with 30 to 40 trees.

Community Grants

Council reviewed two applications for the City’s Community Grants and:

  • approved a $357 request from the Okanagan Nation Alliance for educational signage installation in their Bank Swallow Colony Protection efforts; and
  • denied a $5,000 request from the Castlegar Queen Committee for the Miss Castlegar Girls Program travelling expenditures because the intended event does not comply with the City’s Grants Policy, which requires funding to be used within the community.

City-owned Garbage Can Collection Equipment

Council awarded Request for Proposal 2023-17: Garbage Collection Equipment to Rollins Machinery Ltd. for $87,900 plus applicable taxes and amended the Five-Year Financial Plan and 2023 Capital Budget to include an increase of $55,000 to be funded from the City’s Equipment Capital Reserve. The equipment will reduce health and safety risks associated with garbage collection in the City.


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